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Back to College – Part 2

We have several Kay kids who have already graduated (debt-free) and one of the ways we do that is to save on everything. We’ve been buying textbooks for years and recently, I found a way to save big when our students head back to school. I’ve partnered with Follett and discovered that we can save even more by renting textbooks through a program like Rent-A-Text or by purchasing digital textbooks through CafeScribe.  I love that Follett provides students with a variety of affordable choices that can help them save big on a major back-to-school expense.

Here are the details to remember that can help as you buy your books this fall:

Rent-A-Text launched last year and has already saved students more than $130 million. This year, the program is doubling the number of available titles to provide even more savings for students. Students who rent books through the program still have the freedom to highlight and take notes in their textbooks (within the normal wear and tear associated with coursework) and the flexibility to pay for their materials through financial aid and campus cards. Students can also save on shipping by having their books delivered to their on campus bookstore.

CafeScribe – Another way students can save 40-60 percent on textbooks is through Follett’s updated CafeScribe’s platform. Students can work on Macs, PCs and most web-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones when using CafeScribe. The approach saves students from buying additional devices and provides the freedom to study anywhere, anytime. CafeScribe also offers unique social note sharing that allows students to share notes with others in their class or in classrooms across the country.   The updated product makes digital textbooks smarter with better study tools, more accessibility on different types of devices and more book titles than ever before.

The Way They Learn – Back when my husband was in the military, we moved 11 times in 13 years and I decided to homeschool the kids because it was the only continuity they had. Otherwise, they would be in and out of schools almost every year! I did this for 7 years and I discovered that each of them learn a different way. Some were auditory, some comprehended visually and others were kinesthetic—they liked to learn in a hands-on way. I think that when it comes to college research materials, it’s important to get your students’ the format that is best suited to the way they learn. If your daughter isn’t tech-savvy, then a digital copy probably would not be best for her. Set them up for success by learning how they are wired to learn!

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